About the program

The Installation and Repair of Telecommunications Equipment program offers you an opportunity to acquire sound theory and extensive hands-on experience with many aspects of the telecommunication industry. Courses consist of both classroom instruction and practise in modern communications labs. Instructors share industry experience and teach in alignment to current industry needs and standards. Additional specialized certifications offered through the school better prepare you for the workplace.

Skills you will learn:

  • Verify telecommunications circuits
  • Perform installation and repair of communication equipment
  • Read and create technical documents including blueprints, schematics and plans
  • Effectively use test instruments

A career in telecommunications
The telecommunications industry is competitive and rapidly growing due to the drastic increase in household and commercial demand for telecommunication services. Students graduating from the program can easily find employment in public and private sector organizations. Montreal is home to a large number of telecommunication companies including Bell, Videotron, Telus and Rogers.




The program challenged me and pushed me out of my comfort zone which is what I now value looking back. I now run my own placement agency dedicated to the telecommunication industry.




I was working for Bell Canada as a sub-contractor for satellite products. With the push towards fiber optics I chose to further develop my skills in the telecommunications industry. The student experience was amazing and I learned from the other students and teachers.