Are you looking to start a new career and explore new work opportunities? Going to a vocational centre in Canada can help you accomplish these goals, giving you the chance to build practical skills that can prepare you for a successful future in an in-demand career.

With this type of learning in mind, choosing the right city and the right program makes a big difference. As a vibrant city, Montreal has much to offer, including great vocational centres that can help you get ahead. As you start your training, you’ll be able to choose from a wide range of vocational courses—taking classes that improve your current skills in a field that you already know, or starting over with a program that introduces you to an entirely new industry. In either case, you’ll gain real-world skills that you can use right after training.  

If you’re still not sure about starting your vocational studies in Montreal, keep reading to discover three great reasons that might change your mind! 


1. You’ll Learn New Skills in an Affordable City

Located in the province of Québec, Montreal is known as a dynamic city with lots of opportunities for career-driven professionals. Those who want to improve their skills and start a new life can benefit from Montreal’s low cost of living. Rental and housing prices as well as transportation and food costs are much more accessible in Montreal than in other Canadian cities.

In addition, you can benefit from lower tuition costs, especially as going to a vocational centre can be more cost-effective than going to university or college. One reason for this is the length of the programs offered. As a student in vocational centres, you can complete your studies much faster, typically within a few years. You can also take advantage of flexible schedules that will allow you to balance studies and family or work responsibilities.


Vocational programs are flexible, helping you balance your studies and personal life


2. You’ll Gain Practical Experience in an Industry-Rich Environment

Did you know that Québec is home to many thriving industries? The list includes Automotive and Transportation, Information and Communication Technologies, Infrastructure, and Building Products and related services, to name just a few. 

Québec’s industry-rich environment makes it a great place to start your vocational training. You can learn directly from industry professionals in state-of-the-art facilities, increasing your practical experience in fields like business, construction, design, or beauty care. By studying in the small class sizes that so often characterize vocational training, you also get one-on-one time with your instructors—growing your skills through hands-on learning. You can even use this chance to network with your peers and stay updated on any work opportunities post-graduation.

Your vocational training will help you develop practical skills for in-demand careers


3. You’ll Be Highly Employable Following Vocational Training

One of the top reasons to start vocational studies is the high employability rate. For example, the post-graduate employability placements at Lester B. Pearson’s diploma of vocational studies programs average 80%, promoting quick employment. This is especially useful to know since these programs fulfill the 1800-hour requirement, which allows students to receive a post-graduate work permit and continue with the provincial immigration program (Programme de l'Expérience Québécoise).

Additionally, your vocational studies will include an internship placement, giving you real-world experience in the industry you want to work in. Completing this internship helps you build valuable skills while demonstrating to future employers that you are ready and qualified for the job.


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