About the program

The Bread Making program is designed for food lovers who want to learn the art of making artisanal breads from scratch. Our program readies you for an exciting career in the food industry or complements the skills of the aspiring chef.

Discover the taste, touch and smell of perfectly baked bread. Our experienced teachers guide you step by step through the creative process as well as the science behind bread making. Learning is very hands-on and collaborative. You will work in small groups and knead, shape, and bake your way to the perfect loaf of bread. Our partnership program with Première Moisson provides you with the opportunity to apply your newly learned skills in a real world setting. We are proud to be the Centre of Expertise in Quebec for the culinary cooking arts.

Skills you will learn:

  • The chemistry of successful bread making
  • The use of basic ingredients and seasonings
  • Developing a palette for great tasting bread

A career in the food industry
Our graduates have a high level of job placement and work locally and internationally in bakeries and restaurants. A bread making career is a great option for creative minds and foodies who have a passion for the culinary arts.



You learn a lot about different types of preparation in making a variety of breads. I am very happy that the stage is done at Le Premier Moisson which is well known for their expertise in bread making.



I feel fortunate to be learning the art of good bread making under a competent professional with many years of experience in the trade. Jump at this Golden Opportunity!