About the program

The General Building Maintenance program helps you acquire the skills to become a building caretaker, building superintendent, or to start your own business.

Our seasoned teaching staff guide you through hands-on learning. Our full stocked workshop has the latest tools and equipment. We also share strategies around interpersonal and leadership skills essential in working with building maintenance teams. You will work side by side with your classmates on common projects and be provided with access to real world settings to apply your knowledge. Our 3 work placements provide you the opportunity to get hands on experience and for prospective employers to get to know you. We are the only general building maintenance program offered in English in Quebec and we have a very high rate of graduate job placement.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to maintain large commercial buildings
  • How all building systems work including electrical, plumbing, fire suppression, heating and ventilation
  • Use of power tools and industrial grade cleaning products

A career in building maintenance
Graduates will be able to find work as caretakers and building superintendents. There are great entrepreneurship opportunities for graduates interested in both small and medium sized businesses, offering cleaning and caretaking services to our aging population.


The course is compact and it enables us to touch on every subject pertaining to maintenance. Teachers are very welcoming and accommodating to the individual needs of the students.



Returning to school after many years, I was concerned about how I would do. The teachers and administration were supportive and encouraging at every turn. I finished the program with a D.E.P. and renewed self-confidence.