Whether you’re ready to launch your professional career or looking for a change in direction, a vocational centre can be a great opportunity. For young adults looking to prepare for the workforce today, these programs offer an affordable and efficient alternative to a four-year university degree. A vocational centre is designed to equip budding professionals with specialized skills in a practical field, including automobile services, health care, construction, design, and food. Upon completion of the program, graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce as trained technicians in their area of interest. 

When choosing a vocational centre, it’s important to consider the facilities, teaching model, and employment opportunities available to you. Here’s a closer look at how to find the right centre for you and get the most out of your training!


Understand the Learning Model of a Vocational Centre

One of the benefits of a vocational program is the focus on practical training. Unlike regular schools and colleges that prioritize theoretical learning in a classroom, most of your training will take place in a shop, lab, or other type of work environment. For many professions today, employers are looking for applicants with real-world experience of the trade. At Lester B. Pearson School Board (LBPSB), students benefit from the practical nature of vocational programs that prioritize hands-on training and internships. 

When deciding on the right centre for you, pay attention to the instructors, their teaching model, and the class dynamic. Ideally, you want to study under qualified instructors who devote time and attention to providing an engaging learning environment. At LBPSB, students receive training from professionals with industry experience who can pass on the proper skills and guidance to their class.



Vocational programs offer practical training under qualified instructors


What Facilities are Available?

When deciding on a vocational centre, it’s important to spend some time researching your field of interest. Get an idea of the methods, techniques, and trends that are relevant to the industry today. With this in mind, you want to ensure that your chosen centre has the capacity and resources to teach those skills.  

When it comes to vocational training, having experience of advanced tools and techniques will give you an edge in the competition for employment. LBPSB campuses are a great reflection of the industries in which students are training, from Automobile Mechanics to Beauty Care, Food, Healthcare, Business, and more. Students have access to state-of-the-art facilities that are designed to simulate the real working environment of these industries. Many of our programs offer both practical workshops and work placements, including Construction, Interior Decorating and Visual Display, and Electrotechnology. By getting the most current training and guidance for the job market today, graduates can rest assured that their skills and knowledge can be applied to the real world.


The right vocational centre should offer the latest techniques and facilities for students


Finding Employment after Graduation

Vocational centres are a great choice for young adults hoping to fast-track their path to professional employment. Graduates want to know that they can land a job worth the time and cost of training. A good indication of your standing after graduation is the centre’s past employment rates. At LBPSB International Programs, the post-graduate employability averages 80%, so graduates are well-positioned for quick employment. With an emphasis on practical training, expert instruction, and industry experience, students of vocational courses are prepared for direct entry into a rewarding career! 


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