About the program

The Residential and Commercial Drafting program teaches you to prepare technical drawings in readiness for a career in the architectural and building engineer industries.

You will learn a range of skills using the latest cutting-edge software. Our facilities are state of the art and our teaching staff are seasoned experts with real word industry experience. The program is built around easy to follow modules and students are encouraged to work independently and in teams as they learn through practical, hands-on workshops. Students will prepare drafting projects, which they can use to enhance their professional portfolio; an added value for employers as you transition into a career. We complement our in class learning with a student placement program. The placement program gives you the opportunity to apply your newly learned skills in a real world setting and to network with industry experts.

Skills you will learn:

  • Preparation of drawings using cutting edge software
  • How all building systems work including electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation, and how to integrate them into drafting of blueprints
  • Teamwork and leadership skills essential for success

A career in drafting
Our past graduates work in a range of design, architecture, and engineering related jobs. Drafting professionals are in high demand and salaries can exceed $70,000 per year.



Personally what I have enjoyed is the relaxed atmosphere. I don’t feel as much pressure to get everything done at once. That helps a lot.



Once you get out in the job market, there are tons of opportunities and then you’re set, you’re made.



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