About the program

The Pastry Making Program teaches you to prepare, cook, decorate, and present pastries and desserts. You will explore the latest trends and techniques in the fine art of pastry making.

Our seasoned teaching staff are food industry experts and accomplished chefs, and we are the Centre of Expertise in Quebec for the food industry. We will guide you step by step in the creation of beautiful pastries. From chocolate bon bons, to soufflés, to amazing showpieces, you will learn a broad range of skills. We prepare you for a career as a caterer, shop owner, pastry chef, baker and chocolatier to name just a few possible career choices. Our state of the art cooking facility is set up with the latest equipment and we encourage you to collaborate with your classmates as you learn. You will complete your studies with a stage in the food industry to gain real world, first hand experience.

Skills you will learn:

  • Traditional French pastries and contemporary cooking techniques
  • Understanding pastry products and ingredients
  • Time management and working in teams

A career as a pastry chef
The food industry is highly creative and artistic and we help our students find work after graduation. The Pastry Making program is also a great complement to experienced chefs who want to diversify their cooking skills.




By taking the pastry making program I was able to do a 6-month internship which was organized by Chef-Teacher Nancy Gagnon with Chef Michael Stadtlander at his restaurants Eigensinn Farm and Haisai in Ontario. Next Spring I will be working at Au Pied du Cochon Cabane au Sucre with Chef Martin Picard.



Pastry was always something that fascinated me as a child, and so I was thrilled to be able to take the pastry program at PACC Vocational. The teachers are truly caring, they are interested in making sure that you actually OWN the concepts and skills, and they are actively invested in your success as a pastry chef. I also have to tell you I had a great deal of fun!