About the program

The Computer Support and Networking program is designed to ready you for a career in the field of Information Technology. Our graduates work as computer support specialists, network support specialists, and network administrators.

Our program goes beyond basic MELS requirements. We are a Microsoft Academy and you will have acquired specific knowledge in Cisco, Comptia A+, Linux+ and Network+ upon completion of the program. Our skilled teachers have a broad range of experience and provide you with guided instruction in our state of the art classrooms equipped with the latest hardware and software. Theoretical learning is complemented by our placement program which will enable you to apply your skills in a real world industry setting prior to graduation.

Skills you will learn:

  • How to install and maintain hardware and software at a workstation
  • How to manage a network and installing and maintaining shared resources
  • How to support customers in a professional work environment
  • How to enhance a workstation for better performance

A career in technology
Individuals with the skills in network systems and computer support are in high demand in just about every industry. Plenty of advancement and development opportunities exist for students who are motivated to grow their knowledge and skills in the technology sector.



I am a self-taught technology individual with a true love for all things tech. What I liked about the Computing Support program was that it was relatively short, intense and hands-on straight from the start. Working for BMO, I can look back and say that I was taught exactly what I needed to know.



I went into the Computing Support program with engineering experience in the semiconductor industry and was looking for a career change. I learned from real examples which helped me get a taste of real life. I am now challenging myself working under the MUHC umbrella.