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The Pearson Electrotechnology Centre is a professional career centre located in Lachine, one of the most scenic and historical Burroughs of Montreal. From the time we first opened our doors in 2007, we have been building and establishing ourselves as a leader in technical training. We have built a team of experienced instructors and devoted support staff. We also pride ourselves in keeping a close relationship with industry demands and standards to ensure we are preparing our graduates to succeed in a highly-demanding technical environment. We welcome you to visit us and speak with an advisor to explore the vast opportunities our programs offer you.

The facilities include state-of-the-art workshops and laboratories designed to offer students the opportunity to acquire real life hands-on experience. Components and tools are also available to students through our own internal supply store. Modern classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and computers. Dedicated computer labs are also available to students within every program. A newly designed and constructed active learning space serves as a resource centre for students. This modern smart room is equipped with various mobile devices, wireless presentation capability, and computers equipped with subject specific simulation software.

The centre is also home to a Telecommunications Museum which traces Canada’s telecommunications’ history, from switchboards to cell phones – each in working condition. This museum offers students the opportunity to appreciate the history and progress made throughout the years.

Students can unwind in it the centres large lounge which is equipped with a number of table-top games and couches. Adjacent to this lounge is the centres large cafeteria equipped with microwaves and various vending machines.


In my 390 hour course at PEC, I learned many of the essential skills that I apply every day in the security field. In addition to being hands-on and being very practical work-based, the teachers are incredibly dedicated to helping each student individually improve and hone their skills and mind to be ready for the workforce. In addition to providing great training, the relationships built between classmates and local companies through the school are a great asset to have. I absolutely loved my time at PEC's security course and would recommend it to anyone looking to work in the exciting and rewarding field of professional security.


Within the first day of the telecommunications program, I knew I was in the right place. I have always been fascinated by electronics and technology, and I knew I wanted a hands-on career. The teachers are very invested in the learning of their students and adapt very well to each person’s type of learning, both in hands-on labs and theoretical classes. Pearson Electrotechnology Centre gave me all the tools and knowledge I needed. I am now working in my field - good salary, great benefits and awesome schedule. I definitely owe it all to PEC!


The private security guard program at PEC consisting of 390 hours, was the best choice I could have made for my career. Not only did I receive tremendous amounts of in-depth, concise, life skills training. I also was priviledged to be taught by superb instructors, who went over and beyond their call of duties to ensure that their students excelled in every aspect. Not to mention the amazing career prospects I have, and will gain from their relationships with key professionals to ensure a successful outcome in employment. I highly recommend this program. Thank you PEC!


I have hired a number of PEC students from the Electricity program. They have all played an integral role at Palmer Electric Inc. and were able to make positive and immediate contributions to our company.

Project Manager, Palmer Electric Inc.

The program helped me enforce my skills in the IT field. As someone who has already worked in IT, I thought my skills were good... but, I just felt like there was so much more. The program helped me close the gap between newer and older technologies, helped me dig deeper into networking, and gave me the confidence to get into the workplace. The Instructors were comprehensive and had an excellent approach to teaching, and showing us the possibilities of the IT industry. My favorite part of the program was deployment, as it was something I had never done before. I was shown how to deploy Windows across a network, and how to troubleshoot any issues that popped up. We had all the equipment to test and support from our instructor. They told us to go ahead and try it, and not to feel bad when something gets broken. It's all learning. That was the most important part for me.

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