About the Centre

PACC Career Centre offers some of the most sought after and prestigious English career programs in the province. Our one-stop, no-nonsense approach to learning, training and the development of job-finding skills, makes us the destination for following your unique passion.  PACC’s reputation was earned over twenty successful years of training students in three major sectors, Business, Health, and Food. We have over 1000 students from diverse backgrounds and of all ages.  Using a hands-on approach along with the latest in industry technology, our staff go above and beyond in order to help students reach their goals and get them into the workforce. By learning through doing, our graduates are among the first to be hired in their career of choice. No diploma says more than a PACC diploma.

The centre is situated in the borough of LaSalle, close to public transportation and downtown Montreal.

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The PACC Voc Centre is student oriented. The student services that are offered are phenomenal. There is always someone to guide you in the right direction-whether it is work-related or school-related. The administrative team really go out of their way to help you succeed.



PACC Career Centre is one of the most exciting places I’ve ever studied at. The building is brimming with opportunities for hands-on learning and possible opportunities for career success. The teachers are passionate about what they do, and the facilities are absolutely top notch.



Programs Available At This Centre